Search Engine Optimization And Benefits

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Search Engine Optimization is a broad term with different types and methods for website ranking. People all across the globe search on Google and different website to get the right information they require, in such a case a right keyword makes it easier for them to search a particular content they are looking for, so the Seo which stands for Onesearchpro digital marketing search engine optimization is the technique of using right keywords to increase the number of visitors for a website, search engine optimization are of different types, not just one and here in this article we will discuss all the types and how it is useful for website

Types of SEO

  • On page
  • Off-page
  • Technical
  • White hat
  • Black hat
  • Grey hat
  • Negative

How useful are the different types of Seo (search engine optimization)?

  • On-page SEO – when someone has their website they opt for on-page optimization within the website to increase their website ranking, in the on-page optimization you use header, tags, URL, HTTP, interlinks, images, videos, page titles, you check for speed of the website, using right keyword. By using this technique, you promote your website you reach maximum visitors, A skilled and knowledgeable person is required for on-page optimization because high-quality content is required 
  • Off-page SEO – when someone optimizes as a guest or their web page outside of the website then they opt for off-page optimization to increase website rank, it involves sharing the content of the page on social media on a daily or regular basis, posting the content as guest or blogging, a lot of backlinks is developed to promote the website, off-page is not under your control unlike the on-page optimization 
  • Technical SEO – Technical SEO is a broad term which is much more important than on-page and off-page optimization, it is also called the main architecture or builder of a high ranking website. It keeps your website under control by checking all the things apart from only links and contents. It looks after the security, checks the duplication of contents, quickly fixes all types of website errors, makes it user friendly, fixing broken links and speeds up the website ranking, technical SEO is a must require tool for website ranking 
  • White hat SEO – white hat SEO enables you to optimize your website fairly by following all the rules and regulations of optimizing, it uses the right keywords and links for the growth of visitors, it is one of the safest ways of search engine optimization without cheating and spamming it follows the ethical manner
  • Black hat SEO – black hat optimization is against the SEO guidelines, it doesn’t follow the rules of optimization, it does a lot of cheating to increase website ranking, it involves buying and selling of websites to increase ranking, doing malicious activities, writing bad or copied content, spamming. It follows the unethical manner 
  • Grey hat SEO – grey hat optimization follows both ethical and unethical standard to increase website ranking, means it sometimes follows the rules like a white hat and sometimes it does not follow the rules like a black hat, it is still a riskier method of optimizing a website 
  • Negative SEO – it is same like black hat SEO, breaks the rules and does all unethical things to increase website ranking, it involves hacking of website and creating fake links to promote 

So there are different types of Search engine optimization method to increase website ranking, not just one as people think. Search engine optimization techniques should be followed to increase website ranking and to take your digital marketing on top. 

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